A downloadable Hush VR (Vive only) for Windows

Hush vr is a short 10 minute length horror game, set in a mental asylum with the player in a wheelchair. Me and 4 other friends of mine made this as our bachelor thesis in 2017. This was our first real game project and we're proud of it and excited to show it off, so I hope you enjoy!

How to

- The concept is you sit in a wheelchair and control the locomotion with the vive controllers by pushing the wheels of the wheelchair forward.

- You can also pick objects up to throw them and use this to distract the enemies in the game.

- The objective is to sneak past the enemies and escape the mental asylum.

- Caligo team

PS: The video is a playthrough of the entire game, so spoiler alert!

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TagsHorror, project, scary, student

Install instructions

1. Download the file

2. Extract the zip

3. Launch steam vr

4. Launch the Hush vr executable

5. Find yourself a chair irl, prefferably without armrests and align it with the one in-game.


Hush_VR.zip 83 MB


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htc vive is good

Played your game and it was scary as shit! good job!

Hello there, my colleagues and I were also wanting to use wheelchair locomotion within our VR game but we are having trouble understanding how it worked. Would you be able to give us a tutorial or guide to set up wheelchair locomotion?


Neat exectution - had troubles with using the wheelchair, I could not get the wheels to turn, had to switch to teleport) thought the background noise could be more involved, only heard one low droning hum, felt like there should be odd random creaks or sounds off in the distance. The nurse model was pretty darn creepy, as well as her attack sounds. A good start- want to see what you do with this!

Hey, glad you enjoyed it! Sorry you had problems with the locomotion and thanks for the feedback on the noise. We haven't developed this since the beginning of 2017, just got around to release it now. It was really just a proof of concept on wheelchair locomotion, which in our opinion wasn't as promising as we would have wished. But If we plan on developing this project further we will certaintly let you know here!